Familial Disturbances

In this debut collection of flash fiction, internal and external forces strain the relationships among family members. Some of the characters learn to cope. Some do nothing. Others descend into madness. You can order a copy here.

“Familial Disturbances is a strong, political and astute flash fiction collection that starts with an explosive first line and never drops below excellent. These stories will jam you into uncomfortable shoes, rattle your emotions, then make you reflect for days after reading.”
Stephanie Hutton, award-winning author of Three Sisters of Stone

“I marvel at Binkley’s confirmation that the world is both a blessing and a mystery. His stories are unpredictably piercing, and with poetic prose, he dissects the tangled parts of our lives with bittersweet beauty. His characters are often in the complex throes of various familial relations, enduring strains of joy, love, and loss- struggles he navigates in sparse, breathtaking, lyrical prose.”
Robert Vaughan, author of Funhouse and Microtones